Edith Cowan University – North and South Level 1 – 3 Building 23(eNGINEERING)

In 2010 Associated Shopfitters were awarded the contract to manufacture and install custom made joinery and furniture to labs, offices, metal work, machine shops and tea preps for the new Engineering Building at ECU.
The project was delayed for a few months while base building works were carried out and completed. As one of the Project Managers who worked on this building I am very proud of the quality of joinery ASF provided and the service we showed to both Ferguson Architects and Doric Contructions, the builder. Large construction projects are fascinating and frustrating in almost equal degrees! Dealing with delays from other trades (outside of our scope of works) sourcing and manufacturing large quantities of E0 (zero emission) board products, manufacturing in short lead times were all part and parcel of this project. 

Specialised made to measure large scale stainless steel benches and custom joinery form a significant part of the fitout. The outcome was a complete success for all involved with the joinery installed by ASF admired by both staff and faculty.

Edith Cowan University Level 1 – 3 Lobby Works

When the contract for Building 23 at Edith Cowan University was awarded to Doric Constructions, the contract included a stipulation that three large Marri trees slated for removal be recycled and incorporated into the new building. The trees were sent to a local mill where they were sawn and left to age until they were required.
Once the building was complete Ferguson Architects contacted Associated Shopfitters and requested a meeting to discuss the use of this timber in the main lobby areas on each level of the building.
Marri is an exceptionally strong timber with a beautiful honey tone. It is not often used as a decorative timber due to its large gum pockets. The scale of the work at ECU was such that these holes didn't affect the design adversely. The result was the installation of timber panelling including the building out and use of cabinet work to enclose fire hose reel cupboards.  By hand selecting the timbers by colour and grain and by using different thicknesses and widths of the Marri we were able to create a 3D effect and bring to life the architects' vision of a tree growing through the 3 levels of the building.
The matt finish to the timbers provides a warm feeling to the study areas that are directly adjacent to the panelling.