Whistling Kite

Project Info


In 2009 Badge Construction commenced work on the new Secret Harbour Tavern north of Mandurah. From the outset Doepel Marsh’s innovative structural design and Scott Wilson’s striking colour palette and interior design oozed quality.

ASF were brought in to manufacture and install décor finishes to all the spaces in this new building from the communications room to the public bar.


Crisp lighting, colour back glass and stainless steel contrasted with deep earthy natural timber floors, ceilings and stone claddings. Even on the plans it looked like an award winner.


Projects of this calibre are not without their challenges. Exotic materials sourced from around the world pushed relationships with our suppliers to the limit.

Exacting specifications had to be adhered to in order to realise the look and feel that designer Scott Wilson had created.

A multitude of changes were made throughout the construction and décor phases requiring excellent communication and cooperation by all stakeholders.


ASF’s component of the tavern was over a period of 7 months from commencement to completion.